Sunday, 11 December 2011

Lust Said To Love


This pavement is mine
The trees, birds, noise
Belong to me
I own this place
I’ll make you leave

I don’t have time
For your declarations
I have many fish to catch
The sea of memories
Picked clean

Lust said to Love

Love is a nasty word
It’s filled with promises
With whispers and secrets
I’ve had it and I’ve lost it
War is closer to love
Than peace could ever be
Love is accepting madness while
Dripping in ugly.

Love is boredom
It’s paying your bills on time
Choosing names for future children
Celebrating the anniversary
Of your sexual sobriety

Lust has the beauty of sunrise
The glances of hypnotised girls
It’s tainted but simple
Scripted on bathroom walls
Caressing it’s own skin
It’s selfish and satisfying
Fingers skipping on your chest
Sweat falling from your hair
A single smirk, a slow walk
A disappearing act

Lust has many faces
Many names and stories
Remember little but regret nothing
It’s a waiting game
That you must always win

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