Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bits and Pieces

Your Face

Oh darling, your mouth tight
Cold blade shivering with your pulse
Reflection in your eyes of the steel
Horrid renditions of sonnets
Fall from my lips like diamonds
Strewn around this corpse you call a body
The knife reaches in and tugs
At the gap under your cheekbones
Draws blood from your beautiful face
Draws blood from your beautiful face

For Eabha

I have a little sister called Ava
Who’ll miss you a lot if you leave
All she wants is a JCB digger
A few Barbie’s and puppies, you see

She wants every star in the sky
The moon wrapped in radiant blue
Three suns shining as nightlights
A tree to catch sweet morning dew

A fairy she wants as her sweetheart
Unicorns to run in the field
The night contained in a small glass vial
That she decides when to set free

She may seen spoilt to you Santa
But she just believes wishes come true
So don’t let her grow up too quickly
Allow her to keep believing in you

Couple Of Disasters

The sun kissed me
Burnt my soul up
Now I am rotten
I infect everyone

Wounds of glass
Skin ripped off
Torn up memories
Skip in line

Keep making jokes
Laughing at nothing
Expense is paid
In fingernails

Don't Mention Names

I walk the line to reality
Perchance your wings crisp
Fall your feathers gently on me
I kiss the nape of your neck
Count to ten to bring myself home
I want you, I want to keep you
Never let the rope go

We are two girls
Pretending to be lovers
Two boys
In love with one another

I have this string of pearls
Swallowed by the sea
Fog on your lips
Our own brand of sickness
Skin pulled tight
Perfection written
A brand of love for the fallen

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