Thursday, 15 December 2011


Wandering through the night, I listen to her speak in muffled tones through her scarf. Eyes full of love peer at me, vivid green, willing a response from me. I murmur and nod my head, that seems enough for her so she continues. The stories blur into each other, a 16 year old girl talking with blunt emotionless phrases. This 20 year old boy walking beside her, smiling at the right intervals. She looks at her watch and lets out a shriek, she was meant to be home hours ago. She has missed the last bus and is fluttering about, I offer her my couch as she wanted me too and when we get to mine the couch isn’t where she goes. The cat is unsettled as we throw ourselves onto the bed, limbs flailing.

I dream afterwards. Darkened room and in the corners, shadow tendrils reach out and tug at my seams.
Opening, eyes everywhere. The whites of their eyes bright in the shadows. Moving from left to right, side to side. One body moves out from the shadow, it's the girl. One body moves forward, It's the girl. Her school uniform ruffled and torn. Her eyes white, no pupil. Blood streaming down her legs onto her glass slippers. She opens her mouth to scream, inhuman noise fills the room; collapsing it around us. Many more girls around her begin their song. Their teeth fall to the floor, every one makes a noise on the tiles, giving a tune to the screams. Their bones shatter and they collapse. Broken, contorted limbs pointing all at me.

Waking up the next day. See the stained bed covers and I groan, I shake her awake and escort her outside and from her mouth flies question after question.
I ring for a tax, shove her into it, and she cries and cries--peering out the window like a dog going to the pound. I walk back inside and make coffee. Settling into a monotonous day of coffee, editing and nicotine. The cat still hasn’t forgiven me and is sulking in the corner, makes pitiful meow noises through her fangs.

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