Friday, 25 November 2011

A Man Washed Up On The Liffey

On Thanksgiving
A man was pulled from the river
He had floated for days
Today he washed up on the bank
My friend and I
We jumped off our bus to watch
Our voices high pitched and excited
We laughed till the firemen turned the man
His limbs were static
Turned like something inhuman, rigid
We were quiet then
As he was hoisted up
The ambulance did not blare the siren
We walked home then
I tried to empathise but I couldn't
I didn't care, I can't care
My friend talked about the man's family
My family are unimportant
So in my death, they will be thought of
Given sorrows and kindness
If that man had no family
Is he worthless?
All that has changed for me
As I stood with the gawkers and watched
And did not avert my eyes
I learned 
That I am as bad as the rest of you.

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