Monday, 12 December 2011

Being Weird and Things That Annoy Me

There are many things I can say to emphasise this point, I could say we are all creeps, all weirdo’s and that is the truth. We are all weird, we all have that guilty pleasure, we all have that crutch no one knows of. The problem with me is that my weirdness and oddness, is displayed clearly and openly for the world to judge. That doesn’t mean you can call me a freak, that doesn’t mean you can point me out for ridicule. I am who I am and I will always be this way so stand with me, stand up for us. The weirdo’s and creeps that make up this entire world, don’t let idiots drive you away.
There are days when nothing annoys me, but those are rare. They’re diamonds in the rough of my life and usually only come to me after copious amounts of scotch. Usually everything bothers me, how the sun hits my face, bothers me. How the cold makes me lick my lips, bothers me. Life itself, it bothers me. I was not who created it, therefore the world, the system, everything, bothers me.

Life is said to glitter. We’re meant to be grateful for the man-made existence we are dealt. We are meant to accept that if you are not normal, you are ridiculed. That if you are too subversive, you are punished. Where to be different is seen as so horrific? Everyone is different, yet we try and try and work so very hard to be the same. Trained in schools and jobs to become mechanical sheep for the broken society that humankind has created.

You know what really annoys me? The black and white views of the people in charge, annoy me. The stereotypes perpetrated every day by the media. The fact the government can choose to say that the way I live life is too abnormal to be given the same standing as the airbrushed, vacuum packed people whom they think are normal. There is no normal, there is no one like you, stand up and be proud of that and tell the assholes, the government, the bastards who think that you are wrong, that you. Beautiful, broken, untouchable you is worth something more than where you fit in their scale

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