Monday, 7 November 2011

Three Poems

For The New Muse

All of you have been the same
If I brought you together
To break out of your own skin
A river of death would begin
But this new one is the worst of all
Life hasn't broken you
But the world has been kind
It has been soft and gentle
Left no cracks and gave you everything
Warm meals, clean clothes, freedom.
Afraid to be judged as you are
But you cannot judge those who've never fallen
Childlike in their optimism so they be
The continual pessimist in me, drawn towards
you moving checkers the wrong way
When I have difficulty looking after myself
How can I make sure your innocence is kept?
The adult world is a stalemate
We can not bend it to our will 

King of Hearts

My heart is broken
Not by love but by choices
It tilts to Gods angle
Coughs up organs and stars
So don't expect a place in it
I live on lust and exhaust fumes
Fifth,sixth and twelfth chances

I like the feeling of sorrow on my breath
I'm a stealer of kisses
Remember my moonlit brush strokes
Across your skin
Maybe that is enough for you?
But maybe more for me?
Feed me and pay me in kisses.
I will leave with madness on my tongue.


The matter of urgency
Our solitude and lack there of
I asked the boys of the green fields
Vodka bottles tipped near the swings
They answered in lead obscenities
Mixed in with their short sightedness
Plath, Lawrence, Bukowski?
Where are your Gods?
When they left did you paint them in gold?
This matter does not matter
The truth has lied to the poet often
Where are the children who've eaten the corn?
Where is my wolf biting my wooden door?
I will cover you all in blood
Love is such a timid thing in this

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