Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tales From The Zombie Apocalypse

Tales From The Zombie Apocalypse.

Lara was afraid. Her parents had been torn out of the car as they had looked for the keys. They had left her on the balcony and told her to be very quiet. They’d put their fingers on their lips, shushhh. She understood but she was screaming and crying now. It was her birthday, they said they’d go to the toy shop for a present. But the monsters from the television had gotten them. Her mothers face was turned towards Lara, Her Mother got up and walked in a strange way. Lara ran out the front door and into her mothers arms, her Mommy was alive, her Mommy was alive.

He was curled up in a tent. Next to his beautiful girlfriend. Or at least he thought she was beautiful. His parents didn’t, not with her dreadlocks and her veganism. She wanted to save the planet. They’d been camped out on the land for days. They’d left the city when they’d heard about the infection. She’d wanted to go here anyway, he folded his body into hers. He heard a twig snap outside, a deer? Fox? He pulled opened the front of the tent. That’s when the screaming started.

Julia had been married twenty five years. How she hated him now. He was snoring fitfully on the sofa. She walked out into the garden with her gardening tools. “Might as well pull up some vegetables for the stew”. She put on the radio and perched it on the ledge. The infection had reached her town. She stood up and smiled, reaching down she picked up the hedge trimmers and walked towards her sleeping husband.

Celebrity Zombie!

As she lay on her chaise langue, her hand reached out and fingered the crystal glass in which her Bloody Mary was stagnating. Her bodyguard entered, he was tall and dressed in glittery black sequins. “Gaga, the undead have risen”. She took that as her cue to get up and tiptoe over in her white heels, “They will not come for me, for I am their Queen”. Her body guard leant back, puzzled “They don’t care if you’re famous Gaga, they will eat you”. She scoffed at this and tossed her crystal glass into the fire. “Invite them in and we will see”. The body guard shook his head and took a step back, then turning to run towards the door, she heard it slam as he exited. Then heard his screams as he was devoured. She walked over to the door and pulled it open, “Come, come meet your Queen”.

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