Friday, 30 September 2011

The Destruction

I had a home once. It was an internet home. It was called /cd/.

Its was horrid. Full of trannier than thou, mean-spirited, angry, self pitying bullshit. But I liked it.
A cesspit but a cesspit I liked, a cesspit where I was liked.

It has now bowed down to Spardot. The tyrannical ruler of the website where /cd/ is. Forced Anon came into play, #cd was removed. All due to a simple insult on the subject field of the board. Perhaps Kirtaner will come back and restore order, maybe he will also be forced to bow to his bought and paid for vagina toy that is Spardot.

I will miss you /cd/
I will miss all of you

Chaotic and LIGHTS. Everyone, even tab (haha not really)

I have left now and may be back but at least I found Flutter. And maybe a few others afterwards. Find a new home. And I hope Flutter that perhaps we can make our own internet home and bring in all our adopted /cd/ folks.

I will miss you /cd/.
Gone but not forgotten

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