Thursday, 1 September 2011

Evil and Others

Ftmark1 on youtube, here’s his video, he asked the questions in Check him out seriously he asked a couple of questions in his latest video.
He asked is there ever someone truly evil and what do people think of “othering”?

On evil, Nobody is truly evil in my opinion because everyone in there own heads is doing something they believe to be good. It may not be good to everyone else but to them they see “a greater plan”.
No one wants to do evil for the sake of it unless they’re psychologically disturbed. By that I don’t mean consensual emotional and sexual sadism, I mean sadist at the base of the definition. People who get their kicks out of hurting people and don’t give a shit about the consequences. Human beings are inbuilt to think about the consequences. Whether that’s nature or nurture, I do not know. True comic book evil does not exist because people are individually too unique for a one size fits all statement such as evil.

“Othering” which I think Mark meant as either
1. That only happens to other people (othering)
2. Putting people in boxes so as to identify people easier.

1, As I think most people know, the fallacy that something only happens to people you don’t know is a stupid one. I think everyone is pre built to know that bad things happen to everyone but try and logically figure out a way to get out of being responsible. It saves people putting on their seatbelt and is probably a lot of laziness in a lot of cases but and this is a big but. If you didn’t think this at all would you be paranoid all the time of possible death by accidental purposes. There is a thing of being too vigilant. My sister checks every door in my house before she goes to sleep and locks inner doors as well as outer ones and is still scared of getting murdered in  her sleep.

2. My simple explanation is that there are too many grey areas for boxes. Everyone is different (that’s been told to us enough but do we listen?). No one needs a group or a person to accept them so they can be themselves. You have to truly believe in yourself to be free.

I had a really hard time accepting myself initially because I’m a Guy but I’m a femme guy. But I don’t care what people think of that. Because the concept of femme attached to the word guy is just another way for people to fit me in a box. I am a guy like any other. We are all different.

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