Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Another Mysterious Tale

Once upon a time, In a land not far from here. In the land of Dundalk which is actually here. There was a man, a good man, an honest man named Niall Phelan. His purpose on this fine evening was to call his friends to his house as he had a secret to share. A colourful secret, a beautiful secret. He could not hold it in any longer, and like a homeless man after a litre of vodka. He needed to let it out.
He invited many a friend down to his mansion. Which housed rare antiques and a large wolverine on a leash at the top of the stairs. This did not serve a purpose although his love of Xmen did play a part. As a crowd gathered on in the main sitting room. Morgan Matthews and Ryan Dullaghan entered. Following Ryan Dullaghan was a red haired man who was introduced to the group. His outfit was elaborate and adorned with black feathers. As Morgan dragged a large seat to the fire so he could sit above everyone and pass judgements, he exclaimed "why thats Anders, Hes imaginary dont take any notice of him" . As he said this a man jumped out from behind the sofa and shouted "ANDERS IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF BIOWARE ENTERTAINMENT!". Ryan Dullaghan looking disapointed said " he just says the same things over and over again anyway".
As everyone sat and admired Ryan Dullaghans new boyfriend, Niall Phelan entered. He was wearing a sleeping bag and was jumping across the room. Noone said anything as this was not uncommon for the group. After Samantha Kings attempt to take over the world, Ryans imaginary boyfriend and sightings of the Floating Head Doctor getting more and more common, Noone was shocked.
"I called you all here for a reason"  exclaimed Niall Phelan "Theres been something Ive been meaning to tell everyone and Ive kept it in so long that I dont know how to say it". "Spit it out" said Morgan Matthews from his throne.
Then Niall Phelan dropped the sleeping bag and Ryan expecting a floating head closed his eyes and cried out in horror. But this was not the case. Niall Phelan did indeed have a body and attached to the back of this body were a pair of BUTTERFLY WINGS.

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