Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Prison Of Pounds

 Poetry Challenge: Write a poem about your experiences when you wake up n the body of your enemy.

I wake up in Scotland.
The sun hitting my vast body.
My fourteen year old boyfriend lying beside me.
Here I am,
My own worst enemy.

I wrack my brain for his name.
You see I’ve only ever known him as “Jailbait”.
He’s like a less attractive Justin Bieber.
He stirs beside me and I call him honey,
Turns to me, leans in for a kiss.
I try and shove him but my arms,
Are so very short.

I wonder if she woke up as me.
She’s probably setting fire to my kitchen.
Murdering my cats.
Deleting my ps3 account.
As I lie here in stasis.
My soul wriggling beneath,
So many pounds of flesh.

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