Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dog And Cat Ninja

Dog and Cat Ninja

This story is a work of fiction that was portrayed as if it were fact. To my mind riddled with narcotics on a vacant lovers bed.


The Dog Ninja is hidden behind the couch as the Cat Ninja arrives. The precious golden stone is missing, it‘s origins unknown, it’s mysteries only truly known by the High Cats. The ones with a direct link to The Gods. Cat Ninja while fading in and out of shadows starts to peer in cupboards filled with dirty socks and mouldy fruit. Her nose wrinkles. She shivers as she daintily lifts the clutter and throws it on the floor.
Dog Ninja stalks out, one eye trained on the disgusted Cat Ninja, the other on the open door. His paw is wrapped around the stone, clutching it tightly, his mission nearly complete.
The Cat Ninja smirks as she turns and throws a knife, sticking the Dog Ninja to the wall. He yelps in pain as his shoulder is pierced through. His arm twitches sharply and the stone falls and rolls to Cat Ninja’s feet, she picks it up and holds it with her claws. Her golden eyes fixated on the new treasure.

“Dog Ninja, you cur. I have been looking for this for many years. This perfect piece of machinery, this orb of excellence, this twig of catnip in this disgusting place. You will not stop me from achieving my goals for I am a Cat and Cat’s must always win”

Cat Ninja lifts the stone to her eyes, looking at it, trying to find the indent the High Cats said would be there. She finds it and under Dog Ninja’s glare she puts either side of her hands on the stone, cracking it open.
Dog Ninja jumps and wriggles free of his bindings. Howling as the pain rips through his shoulder. His working hand outstretched he runs for Cat Ninja.
Cat Ninja sees the small red button inside the stone, she turns and winks at Dog Ninja as she presses it down.

There is a flash of light which blinds the audience as we revisit the scene.

The war is over.
In perfect harmony a small housecat is cleaning herself while lying on a pile of clothes and a Jack Russell terrier is relieving himself onto a discarded black bandana

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