Friday, 20 January 2012

Brothel Junkies

Jim was canoodling some girl, black skin dusted in pink.
Back of his car, the bra slipped off and tumbled onto crisp packets
Crisp packets and discarded children’s toys.
Little pink rabbit covered in love and cigarette ash.
Jim asked the girl’s name and she answered “Harmony”
One of the many names she held in her claws
Her hand slipped into his pocket and bills then tumbled,
freefall into her open purse, filled with condoms
Condoms and her college textbook, social studies.
Social studies, giggle inducing isn’t it?

Harmony fixed her hair as her heeled boots click clacked
On the pavement outside the broken down garage.
Her fee stuffed into the side of her lacy green underwear
Jim slapped her ass and dragged himself into the front seat
Driving off with a wave, she blew kisses and tickled the air with her fingers
She stood further out on the road and started her seduction of the men who passed
Blowing bubbles and kisses. Selling her secrets for a small fee.

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